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Senior Care

Our pets have different needs as they age. Ageing is not a disease, it is simply a stage in life. Senior pets like senior people are at increased risk for developing age-related conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, liver and kidney disease as well as cancer and cognitive dysfunction (like alzheimer's/dementia  in humans).  Many dogs or cat breeds are considered seniors by the age of 7. Check our Senior Pet Chart to see where your pet sits!


We believe prevention and early disease detection combined with good nutrition, exercise and regular veterinary care are the cornerstones of good health for our pets. At AAHWC, we recommend Bi-Annual Senior Wellness Examinations and performing a Senior Wellness Profile which is testing based on age-related,” diseases.

cat under care at clinic

These blood and urine tests will indicate any elevated or decreased levels of organ function that may be cause for concern. It also gives our veterinarians a 'baseline' for future testing in order to see how certain conditions progress and to what extent. Essentially, your pet may show no signs of being ill, but this testing information can show what is truly happening within your pet before they show symptoms and is truly the best preventative measure we have to be proactive about the changes.


Dealing with health issues as early as possible before advanced disease develops is just one way we can help the cherished members of your family to live long, healthy, happy lives.

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