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Quality Veterinary Services in Winnipeg

We understand your pet is more than an animal living in your home. Your pet is part of your family, your best friend, an extension of who you are. At Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center (AAHWC), we endeavour to make medical recommendations a cooperative effort between your family and ours. We are a holistic and traditional veterinary practice, which means we are able to help all types of pet owners with a variety of medical options.


We extend a comprehensive range of veterinary services in Winnipeg at our hospital. Our services include:

Annual exam
It is always important to know about the health condition of your pet. A lot can change in a year’s time among pets.
Pain management
If your pet is dealing with acute pain, we are here to diagnose, treat and even prevent it from becoming chronic pain.
Cancer care
Get reliable treatment from our hospital for your pets for cancer treatment and diagnosis.
Behaviour consultations
If you find any changes in the behaviour of your pets, we also extend behaviour consultations to treat common problems.
Giving proper vaccinations to pets is one of the most important aspects of their health. We offer proper vaccinations to pets based on their individual needs.
Titre testing
Serum titres are a blood test that we utilize to help minimize the risks of both infectious disease and extending intervals between vaccinations.
Spaying and neutering
Spaying and neutering options are offered for both pet population control and health concerns.
We believe that your pet’s nutrition is a cornerstone for long term health and wellbeing. Our team provides expert advice on pet nutrition.
Puppy and Kitten Care
We provide complete physical, behavioural and health evaluations for new puppies and kittens to ensure a long healthy life!

We have a fully equipped surgical suite, for soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

If you want to admit your pet to Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center for quality veterinary services in Winnipeg, fill in this form now.

Pet-loving, Highly Skilled Vets

You have discovered a truly special kind of veterinary hospital. We care so deeply about the kind of care your pet gets. We accomplish this by recruiting a phenomenal team of talented veterinary professionals-some of the most respected in the area. We strive to provide the best care there is because your pet deserves no less.

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