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Experienced Veterinary Dentist in Winnipeg

Does your pet have bad breath? Is your dog known to drool excessively? Have you noticed cysts under their tongue? If you notice your pet has any of these dental-related issues, get professional help immediately from our veterinary dentist in Winnipeg.


At Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center, we offer advanced dental care using state-of-the-art equipment similar to that used in human dental practices. All dental patients undergo general anesthesia while their vital signs are monitored electronically. They are kept on a warmed table and receive IV fluids to help support their cardiovascular system while under anesthesia.


We utilize a human-grade ultrasonic scaler to clean their teeth. Following cleaning, we apply polish with a low-speed handpiece. A combination water/air handpiece is used to flush and clean the mouth. Finally, a high-speed drill is available should we need to extract any teeth.

Extractions are a surgical procedure involving careful manipulation and suturing of gum tissue, local anesthetics, hemostatic (stops bleeding) agents, and antibiotics, if needed. We use a digital dental x-ray machine to look for disease below the gum line. Digital x-rays require less time than conventional x-rays, meaning your pet spends less time under anesthesia.


Digital x-rays allow us to see abscesses, fractures, and other disease processes that are not always apparent above the gum line. They also allow your veterinarian to see any tooth root abnormalities that can complicate a tooth extraction, and to ensure that all root fragments were properly removed following an extraction. Full mouth x-rays give us a wonderful reference for future cleanings.


Make sure that your pet gets the right treatment from our veterinary dentists in Winnipeg. If left unchecked, the bacteria can get into the bloodstream and cause serious infections to the kidneys, the liver and the heart.

Preventative Treatment & Measure

Dental care is critical to your pet’s overall health. It is always advisable to take preventative measures before it escalates into a severe problem. Our veterinarians will provide you with the best advice to ensure your pet’s dental health is well cared for.


You can take some of the measures mentioned below to maintain your dogs’ dental health:

  • Regular dental and oral check-ups to monitor your pet’s dental or oral health.

  • Checking your pet’s mouth for odour, redness and discoloured teeth.

  • Regular plaque control either by brushing, sprays, gels and special diets developed to clean teeth.

If you are concerned about your pet’s dental health care then you can rely on Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center for reliable dental service in Winnipeg.

Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Winnipeg

During your pet’s teeth cleaning, plaque and tartar are removed, and the entire mouths’ health, including tongue, gums, lips, and teeth, are assessed for any health concerns.


During the anesthesia treatment, a soft plastic tube is inserted into the trachea to supply oxygen and gas anesthesia. Placement of the tracheal tube also prevents inhalation of bacteria that are aerosolized during the dental cleaning. When you visit us for your pets’ teeth cleaning, you can expect the following:

  • Removal of visible plaque and tartar from the teeth

  • Elimination of plaque and tartar from under the gum.

  • Probing dental sockets to assess dental disease.

  • Polishing to smooth enamel scratches to avoid bacteria.

  • Dental x-rays to see problems under the gum line.

  • Removal or repair of fractured or infected teeth.

  • Inspection of lips for possible mouth cancer or wounds.

Can always rely on our professional Dental Health Veterinarian for your pet’s dental health.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

No matter how careful and responsible, your pet can develop serious health issues with gum disease, plaque, and tartar build-up on their teeth. Having regular cleaning can help your dog’s and cat’s life and overall health. Some benefits are:

  • Tartar/plaque accumulation

  • It prevents and cures bad breath

  • Preventing periodontal diseases

  • Leaves whiter teeth

  • Early detection of diseases - Prevents premature problems in the heart, kidneys and brain

Moreover, when you visit us, we can share some brushing tips with you so that you can efficiently brush your dog’s and cat’s teeth to maintain oral hygiene.

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