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Over 75 Years of Dedicated Pet Care!

Our skilled veterinarians offer compassionate care and various treatment options for your pet’s well-being.

Veterinary Clinic in Winnipeg that Every Pet Loves

Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibilities. You might know your pet better than anyone, but professionals can ensure their good health. From the moment you walk into Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center in Winnipeg, we treat you and your pet like invited guests into our home. Our veterinary clinic in Winnipeg takes a special approach to pet care. We understand that it is important to make your pets feel comfortable, safe and secure before we can start with the procedures. Our warm and fuzzy team will always give their all to improving your pet’s health in a manner that they will love.


As compassionate pet care professionals, we offer a well-rounded veterinary practise so that your pet can lead a longer, healthier, and happier life. Our team follows a preventive approach to protect your pets against potential health issues. We offer complete vet services under one roof, including medical, diagnostic, and surgical procedures.

Offering Overall Care to Your Furry Friends

As experienced veterinary professionals in Winnipeg, we offer a comprehensive range of vet services to keep your fur babies healthy and happy. Here is what you can expect from us:

Vaccines are essential to your pet’s well-being. Please bring your pets to us for all types of vaccinations. As vets, we ensure that your pet gets the necessary vaccinations and enjoys good health.

Regular health assessments are essential to the well-being of your pets. Visit us with your pets to get annual check-ups done.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating cancer in your pets, you can count on our expertise.

Can’t see your pets in pain? Bring them to our caring and gentle veterinarians to get rid of the pain and give them comfort.

For good oral health, schedule regular teeth cleanings for your pets. At our well-equipped facility, your pets receive advanced dental care.

 It is common to encounter behavioural issues in your pets. We will develop a unique behavioural modification plan for you and your pet that may include prescription medications, pheromones, nutritional supplements and humane training devices.

For safe spaying and neutering procedures, you can trust our vet clinic. Our experts will work with you and your pet to carry it out at the right time.

Dog under treatment for Dermatology issues

Dermatology consultations

Many pets have acute and chronic itchy skin conditions that we can help them with.

Our vets have undergone surgical training and are well-equipped to handle regular operations, and are familiar with the demands of animals undergoing surgery.

We know pet parents are always looking for reliable veterinary services to provide their four-legged babies with the best care. Our clinic offers a welcoming, warm, and comfortable environment so that your pets remain at ease while they get the best medical care possible. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center for Your Pets?

We are a full-service veterinary clinic in Winnipeg dedicated to providing reliable care for your furry companion. Our center has a clean and welcoming environment, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Here’s why you can trust us:

We are passionate and committed professionals with the necessary experience.
Treating animals is much more than just a job for each member of our team.
We prioritize preventative care so that your pet enjoys lasting health.
With us, the comprehensive well-being of your pet becomes a possibility.
We provide both conventional and alternative forms of treatment.
You can expect personalized attention and a unique care approach for each pet that you bring to us.

We understand the bond that you share with your pet and try to maintain the same as we deliver quality veterinary care in Winnipeg. Get in touch today!

Pet cat at vet clinic

Our Mission

At Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center, we are dedicated to ​improving the lives of your beloved pets by providing compassionate and professional care.


We empower our clients to make the best and most informed decisions for their pet's health through education and by providing all available avenues to achieve excellent health.


We believe education and knowledge are the keys to nurturing a stronger human-pet bond!


Schedule an appointment with us today at our veterinary clinic in Winnipeg.

Do You Speak French or Spanish?

We are pleased to offer our clients veterinary services in fluent French and Spanish. Contact our reliable veterinary clinic in Winnipeg if your pet needs treatment.


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Professional Advice

“Your staff value the animals they see. Each visit is enlightening with professional advice and information. Humane treatment.”

- Anonymous

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Comprehensive Services

With our diverse range of services, we strive to offer a holistic practice at our veterinary clinic in Winnipeg.

Border collie dog at the examination table at the veterinary clinic

Friendly Environment

When you bring your pet to our clinic, we will do our best to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Doctor veterinarian at clinic

Have a Question?

Our veterinarians have answered some of the common questions about our practice and general pet care.

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